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          About Men

Do not harm him," said Kazrak. "He is my sword brother, Tarl of Bristol." Kazrak's remark was in accord with the strange warrior codes of Gor, codes which were as natural to him as the air he breathed, and codes which I, in the Chamber of the Council of Ko-ro-ba, had sworn to uphold. One who has shed your blood, or whose blood you have shed, becomes your sword brother, unless you formally repudiate the blood on your weapons. It is a part of the kinship of Gorean warriors regardless of what city it is to which they owe their allegiance. It is a matter of caste, an expression of respect for those who share their station and profession, having nothing to do with cities or Home Stones. ~ Tarnsman of Gor

"Your city," he asked, "what is it?"  "You may think of me," I had said, "as one of Port Kar." "Very well," said he, "but I think we shall not make a great deal of that, for the men of Port Kar are not overly popular in the north."  "The men of Torvaldsland," I assured him, "are not overly popular in the south."  "The men of Port Kar, however," said the Forkbeard, "are respected in the north."  "The men of Torvaldsland," I told him, "are similarly respected in the south."  Gorean enemies, if skilled, often hold one another in high regard.  "You play Kaissa well," had said Ivar Forkbeard. "Let us be friends."  "You, too, are quite skilled," I told him. Indeed, he had much bested me. I still had not fathomed the devious variations of the Jarl’s Ax’s gambit as played in the north. I expected, however, to solve it.  We had shaken hands over the board.  "Friend," he had said. "Friend," I had said.  We had then tasted salt, each from the back of the wrist of the other.  ~ Marauders of Gor

In so simple a fashion, by hand feeding, and floor watering, not permitting the slave to use her hands, I had demonstrated to her, in the Gorean fashion, that her food and water, even such simple things as whether she was to eat or drink, or not, were in my control. ~ Guardsman of Gor

Whereas I was of high caste and he was of low, yet in his own hut he would be, by the laws of Gor, a prince and sovereign, for then he would be in the place of his own Home Stone. ~ Outlaw of Gor

In a man's hut, he must be Master, even though he has selected out for himself a companion. It is the part of the companion to befriend and aid him, not to insult and drive him. ~ Slave girl of Gor

It is seldom wise to impugn, or attempt to manipulate, the honour of a Gorean. ~ Players of gor

"The men of Gor," she said, "are strong. They are not weak and divided against themselves. They are not tortured. They are integrated and coherent, and proud. They see themselves in the order of nature. They see females as females, as slaves, and themselves as men, as masters. If we do not please them they punish us, or slay us. We quickly learn our place in the order of things. Only where there are true men can there be true women."
~ Rouge of Gor - Page 100

Strong men simply need women. This will never be understood by weak men. A strong man needs a woman at his feet, who is truly his. Anything else is less than his fulfillment. When a man has once eaten of the meat of gods he will never again chew on the straw of fools.  ~ Explorers of Gor

"It is hard to be a man," I said, "until one stands in a relation to a woman. And, I suppose, it is hard to be a woman until one stands in a relation to a man."  “What relation," she asked, "Master?"  “That of the natural order of nature," I said.  "Yes, Master," she said.  I looked at her. "I cannot know well the nature of your feelings," I said, "but I know, and well, that women are deep as well as beautiful."  "We are so different from you," she said. "I fear you will never understand us."  "It is doubtless easier to put you on your knees and push the whip to your teeth than it is to understand you," I said.  “The man who truly understands us," she laughed, "is the first to put us on our knees and make us kiss the whip."  ~ Explores of Gor

“Flee!” she said.  “I am of the Warriors,” I said.  “But you may die,” she said.  “That is acknowledged in the codes,” I said.  “What are the codes?” she asked.  “They are nothing and, and everything,” I said. “They are a bit of noise, and the steel of the heart. They are meaningless, and all significant. They are the difference. Without the codes men would be Kurii.”  “Kurii?” she asked.
“Beasts, such as ice beasts, and worse,” I said. “Beasts such as the face you saw in the sky.”  “You need not keep the codes,” she said.  “I once betrayed my codes,” I said. “It is not my intention to do so again.” I looked at her. “One does not know, truly what it is to stand, until one has fallen. Once one has fallen, then one knows, you see, what it is to stand.”  “None would know if you betrayed the codes,” she said. “I would know,” I said, “and I am of the Warriors.” ~ Beasts of Gor

           Free Women

"This thing is free!" cried the fellow, giving the Lady Temione another shake. "How dare you send it to my table! I do not want it! Send me a female! Send me a woman!" ~ Page 78- Renegades of Gor

Free women, in being free, command attention when they speak. It is their due. ~ Explorers of Gor - Page 354

I inclined my head, "Lady," said I, acknowledging the introduction. To a free woman considerable deference is due, particularly to one such as the Lady Rowena, one obviously, at least hitherto, of high station. ~ Players of Gor - Page 12

"Beware your words," I cautioned her.  "I am a free woman," she said. "I can speak as I please."  I could not gainsay her in this. She was free. She could, accordingly, say what she wished, and without requiring permission. ~ Mercenaries of Gor - Page 7

"I am a free woman," she said. "How can you, a free man, deny me anything I want?" "Easily," I said.  She looked at me, angrily.
"Many free women believe they can have anything they want, merely by asking for it, or demanding it," I said, "but now you see that that is not true, at least not in a world where there are true men." ~ Players of Gor - Page 119

Goreans, in their simplistic fashion, often contend, categorically, that man is naturally free and woman is naturally slave. But even for them the issues are far more complex than these simple formulations would suggest. For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman. Goreans do believe, however, that every woman has a natural master or set of masters, with respect to whom she could not help but be a complete and passionate slave girl. ~ Hunters of Gor - Page 311

… even girls who will be free companions, and never slaves, learn the preparation and serving of exotic dishes, the arts of walking, and standing and being beautiful, the care of a man's equipment, the love dances of their city, and so on.  ~ Nomads of Gor - Page 63

Free women, drinking, commonly lift their veil, or veils, with the left hand. Low-caste free women, if veiled, usually do the same. Sometimes, however, particularly if they are in public, they will drink through their veil, or veils. Sometimes, of course, free women will drink unveiled, even with guests. Much depends upon how well the individuals are known, and who is present. In their homes, of course, with only the members of their families present, or servants and slaves, most free women do not veil themselves, even those of high caste  ~ Fighting Slave of Gor - Page 276

“I have never been in one of these places before,” she said. “I now understand why it is that free women never enter Paga taverns.” ~ Assassins of Gor - Page 22

Only slave girls, on Gor, reveal their navels. ~ Explorers of Gor - Page 334

men, save I, rose as one to their feet, for Gorean men commonly stand when a free woman enters a room. ~ Guardsman of Gor - Page 255

She looked up at me in wonder, blood at her mouth. She had been cuffed.  "Did you strike me because I challenged your manhood?" she asked. "I did not really mean it. It is only that I was terribly angry. I did not think."  "You were not struck for such an absurd reason," I said. "You are, after all, a free woman, and free women are entitled to insult, and to attempt to demean and destroy men. It is one of their freedoms, unless men, of course, should decide to take it from them. You were struck, rather, because you were attempting to manipulate me."
~ Mercenaries of Gor - Page 422

          Panther Girls

"Panthergirls are arrogant. They live by themselves in the northern forests, by hunting, and slaving and outlawry. They have little respect for anyone, or anything, saving themselves and, undeniably the beasts they hunt, the tawny forest panthers, the swift, sinuous sleen." ~ Hunters of Gor

"She was magnificent. She might have been bred from pleasure slaves and she-panthers. She was sinuous and arrogant, desirable, dangerous, feline. I had little doubt that she was swift of mind. She was surely proud and haughty. She was lithe. She was perhaps two inched taller than the average Gorean woman, and yet, due to the perfections of her proportions, as vigorous and stunning as a girl bred deliberately in the slave pens for such qualities."  Panther girls are arrogant. They live by themselves in the northern forests, by hunting, and slaving and outlawry. They have little respect for anyone, or anything, saving themselves and, undeniably, the beasts they hunt, the tawny forest panthers, the swift, sinuous sleen. ~ Hunters of Gor page 28

"Those are the great forests. No one knows how far they extend to the east, and they go north as far as Torvaldsland. In them there are the forest people, but also many bands of outlaws, some of women and some of men"  "Women?" I asked. "Some call them forest girls," said Ute. "Others call them the panther girls, for they dress themselves in the teeth and skins of forest panthers, which they slay with their spears and bows." ~ Captive of Gor pg. 82?

"It is not uncommon for panther girls to first make contact," said Rim, smiling, "with a hunting arrow in the back." ~ Hunters of Gor Page 79

I can understand why it is that such women hate men, but it is less clear to me why they hold such enmity to women. Indeed, they accord more respect to men, who hunt them, and whom they hunt, as worthy foes, than they do to women other than themselves. They regard, it seems, all women, slave or free, as soft, worthless creatures, so unlike themselves. Perhaps most of all they despise beautiful female slaves. I am not sure why they hold this great hatred for other members of their sex. I suspect it may be because, in their hearts, they hate themselves, and their femaleness. Perhaps they wish to be men; I do not know. It seems they fear, terribly, to be females, and perhaps fear most that they, by the hands of a strong man, will be taught their womanhood. It is said that panther girls, conquered, make incredible slaves. I do not much understand these things. ~ Hunters of Gor Page 28

She knew as well as I the contempt in which panther girls held female slaves.  ~ Hunters of Gor Page 76

She was one of the most exciting beautiful women I had ever seen. I resented the brief, tight skins which concealed her from me. ~ Hunters of Gor pg.

I was nothing with these proud, free, dangerous, brave women, these independent, superb, unfearing, resourceful, fierce felines, panther girls of the northern forests of Gor. They were swift, and beautiful and arrogant, like Verna. They were armed, and could protect themselves, and did not need men. They could make men slaves, if they wished, and sell them later, if they were displeased with them or wearied of them. And they could fight with knives and knew the trails and trees of the vast forests. ~ Captives of Gor page 129

Runaway women who live in the forest without free men, taking as slave any man who enters their domain and eventually selling him. Those of the northern forests dress in the teeth and skins of forest panthers which they slay with their spears and bows ~ Captive of Gor, page 82 and 118

" I am Verna," she told them, "a Panther Girl, of the High Forest.
I enslave men, when it pleases me.  "When I tire of them I sell them.  I despise you," she said.  "We have outwitted you, and captured you. We have bound you. If we wished, we would take you into the forest and teach you what it is to be a slave!"
~ Captive of Gor

He regarded her.  "I am not your slave," she said.  "The throne of the Ubara of Ar," he said, " is empty.  They looked at one another.  "Thank you," she said, "Ubar."  "I will have all arrangements made," he said, "for your investiture as Ubara of Ar."  "But," she said, "Marlenus, I do not wish to be Ubara of Ar."  His men gasped. My men could not speak. I, too, was struck with silence. To be Ubara of Ar was the most glorious thing to which a woman might aspire. It meant that she would be the richest and most powerful woman on Gor, that armies and navies, and tarn cavalries, could move upon her very word, that the taxes of an empire the wealthiest on Gor could be laid at her feet, that the most precious of gems and jewelries might be hers, that she would be the most envied woman on the planet.  "I have the forests," she said.  Marlenus could not speak.  "It seems," he said, "that I am not always victorious."  "No," she said, "Marlenus, you have been victorious."  He looked at her, puzzled.  "I love you," she said. "I loved you even before I knew you, but I will not wear your collar and I will not share your throne."  "I do not understand," he said. I had not thought, ever, to see the Ubar as he stood there, looming over this woman, whom he might, did he choose, seize and own, but standing there numb, not understanding."  You do not understand," said she, "because I am a woman."  He shook his head.  "It is called freedom," she said.  Then Verna turned away from him, in the skins of a panther woman. "I shall wait for my women in the forest," she said. "Tell them to find me there."  "Wait!" said Marlenus of Ar. His voice was agonized. His hand lifted, as though to beg her to return with him.  I was startled. Never had I understood that the Ubar of Ar could be thus. He had cared, he then understood, and we, too, for this lonely, proud, beautiful woman.  "Yes?" asked Verna, turning to regard him. In her eyes, too, I thought I saw moisture.  Whatever Marlenus might have said to her, he did not say. He stood still for a moment, and then straightened himself. With one hand he tore from his throat the leather and claws he wore there. I saw that among those barbaric ornaments was a ring. I gasped, for it was the seal of Ar, the signet of Glorious Ar. He threw it to Verna, as a bauble.  She caught it.  "With that," he said, "you are safe in the realm of Ar. With that you can command the power of the city. This is as the word of the Ubar. With this you can buy supplies. With this you can command soldiers. Any who comes upon you and see this ring will know that behind you stands the power of Ar."  "I do not want it," she said.  "Wear it," said Marlenus, "for me."  Verna smiled. "Then," said she, "I want it." She tied the ring on a bit of leather about her neck.
"The Ubara of Ar," said he, "might wear such a ring."  "I have the forests," she said. "Are they not more beautiful even that the city of Ar?"  They regarded one another.  "I will never see you again," said Marlenus. Verna shrugged. "Perhaps not," she said. "But perhaps you will."  He looked at her.  "Perhaps, sometime," she said. "I will trek to Ar. I have heard that it is a fine city."  He grinned "And perhaps," said she, "from time to time, you might come again to hunt in the northern forests." "Yes," he said. "Such is my intention."  "Good," she said. "Perhaps, sometimes, we can hunt together."  Then she turned to depart.  "I wish you well. Woman," said Marlenus of Ar. She turned to face him, and smiled. "I, too," said she, "wish you well."  Then she turned and vanished into the dark green shadows of the northern forests.
~ Hunters of Gor, pages 300-302



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"It is strange," he said, "I have faced sleen and the steel of fierce enemies. I am a warrior, and am high among warriors. Yet you, a mere girl, would conquer me with a smile and a tear." ~ (Slave Girl of GOR , page 424)

The Goreans have a saying, “There are only two kinds of women, slaves, and slaves.” ~ {Kajira of Gor - 137}

“Beautiful enough to be collared” is a Gorean compliment, though perhaps a rather rude one, and one that one would not be likely to hear addressed openly and to the face of a free woman. “She has legs pretty enough to be those of a slave girl” is another such compliment. ~ {Guardsman of Gor - 210}

As I have earlier indicated the slave girl is normally transported in total ignorance of her destination. Keeping a girl in ignorance is commonly thought useful in her control and management. Too, it helps her keep clearly in mind that she is a slave. Curiosity is not becoming in a Kajira is a common Gorean saying. The girl learns quickly that it is not her business to meddle in the affairs of her master but, rather, to be beautiful, and serve him, abjectly and totally. ~ Savages of Gor

"Who are you? What do you want?" I begged.  "Curiosity," he said, " is not becoming in a Kajira."  I stared at him.  "You might be beaten for it," he said. ~ Captive of Gor

I knew she would get much work from me as her serving slave. I touched the ship’s collar. It is a hard thing for a girl to belong to a woman. Further, I knew she would wish me to be a demure girl, a fitting serving slave for a lady of wealth and rank, one whose status and image requires that her girls be paragons of shy, perfect obedience, humility and modesty, that they reflect not the least dishonor upon her. ~ Slave Girl of Gor

Excellent slaves are seldom beaten, for there is little, if any, reason to do so. To be sure, such a girl, particularly a love slave, occasionally desires to feel the stroke of the lash, wanting to feel pain at the hands of a beloved master, wanting to be whipped by him because she loves him, in this way symbolizing to herself her relationship to him, that of slave to master, her acceptance of that relationship, and her rejoicing in it. ~ Magicians of Gor - Page 124

Suddenly, angrily, I kicked her. She cried out, startled. I stood straight, as though I had done nothing. The soldier with the coffle, who was gathering jewelry into a scarf from various coffers in the tent, pretended that he had not noticed my action. Masters do not much interfere in the squabbles of slaves. Let them impose their own internal order among themselves. On he other hand, they would not approve if one slave injured or marked, or reduced in value, another. That would be serious, and not to be tolerated. ~ Slave Girl of Gor, page 132

The slave girl, of course, will usually have many friends. These are, of course, almost always wenches collared like herself: Friends of her master will often bring their own girls with them, in visiting, and with these, after the men have been served, she may make friends, perhaps chatting in the kitchen. These girls may be exchanged among the men, but commonly they are not. Most masters are rather possessive about their slaves, particularly if they are fond of them. She may also, of course, meet girls in the streets, encountered in the neighborhood, or on her errands. The slave girl, almost always, has no dearth of friends. To be sure, they are likely only to be mere slaves like herself. Women desire, in their hearts, to be beautiful, helpless, conquered animals, owned and dominated by masters. The collar makes it clear to them that their dream has been enacted upon them; that, indeed, their dream, to their joy, has become their reality. They know that they are now in their place, and will be kept there. They are happy. ~ GUARDSMAN OF GOR-, Pages 209-210

"Woman is the natural love prey of man. She is natural quarry. She is complete only when caught, only when brought to the joy of her capture and conquest." ~ (Hunters of Gor P 197)



"In the matter of collars, as in all things, Goreans commonly exhibit good taste and aesthetic sense." ~ Slave Girl page 215

Slave girls almost never escape. The major reason for this is the steel collar, which, obdurately encircling her neck, read, promptly identifies her master and his city. Almost no one, of course, would think of removing a collar from a girl, unless it would be to replace it with one of his own.  ~ Slave Girl page 96

"The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a mans fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is flat, snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back, behind the girl's neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her Master." ~ Page 19 - Nomads of Gor

"The small, heavy lock on a girls slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girls collar lock there would be six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each letter of in the Gorean word for female slave, kajira; the male slave , or kajirus, seldom has a locked collar; normally a band of iron is simply hammered about his neck; often he works in chains, usually with other male slaves." ~ Page 51 - Assassin of Gor

"Slavery, of course, is the surest path by means of which a woman can discover her femininity. The paradox of the collar is the freedom which a woman experiences in at last finding herself, and becoming herself." ~ Magicians of Gor


"I have wondered upon occasion why brands are used on Gorean slaves. Surely, Goreans have at their disposal means for indelibly but painlessly marking the human body. My conjecture, confirmed to some extent by the speculations of the Older Tarl, who had taught me the craft of arms in Ko-ro-ba years ago, is that the brand is used primarily, oddly enough, because of its reputed psychological effect. In theory, if not in practice, when the girl finds herself branded like an animal, finds her fair skin marked by the iron of a master, she cannot fail, somehow, in the deepest levels of her thought, to regard herself as something which is owned, as mere property, as something belonging to the brute who has put the burning iron into her thigh. ~ Outlaw of Gor

Most simply, the brand is supposed to convince the girl that she is truly owned; it is supposed to make her feel owned. When the iron is pulled away and she knows the pain and degradation and smells the odor of her burned flesh, she is supposed to tell herself, understanding its full and terrible import, I AM HIS. Actually, I suppose the effect depends greatly on the girl." ~ Outlaw of Gor

"I noted her brand. It was a southern brand, the first letter in the cursive script, or Kajira, the most common expression for a Gorean female slave. It was entered deeply in her left thigh."
~ Marauders of Gor

"The girls are usually branded impersonally, perfunctorily, as cattle. Though they feel the mark intensely physically, it is felt, interestingly, even more intensely, more profoundly, psychologically; not unoften it, in itself, radically transforms their self images, their personalities; they are only slaves, not permitted their own wills, rightless, at the bidding of masters; the mark is an impersonal designation; this is understood by the girls; when she is marked she understands herself not to be marked by a given man for a given man, to be uniquely his, but rather, so to speak, that she is marked for all men; to all men she is a slave girl; usually, of course, only one among them, at a given time, will be her master; the brand is impersonal; the brand marks her property; the brand is impersonal; the collar is intensely personal; the brand marks her property; the collar proclaims whose property she is, who it is who has actually taken, or paid for, her; that the brand is an impersonal designation of absence of status in the social structure is perhaps another reason why masters do not often brand their own girls; the brand relationship to the free man is institutional; the collar relationship on the other hand is an intensely personal one." ~ Tribesmen of Gor

Incidentally, there are many brands on gor. Two that almost never occur on Gor, by the way, are those of the moons and the collar, and of the chain and the claw. The first of these commonly occurs in certain of the Gorean enclaves on Earth, which serves as headquarters for agents of the priest kings, the second tends to occur in the lairs of the Kurri agents on earth; ~the chain and claw brand, signifies, of course, slavery and subjection within the compass of the Kur yoke. ~ From Explorers of Gor, pg12




Indeed, there is a saying on Gor, a saying whose origin is lost in the past of this strange planet, that one who speaks of Home Stones should stand, for matters of honor are here involved, and honor is respected in the barbaric codes of Gor. ~ {Tarnsman of Gor - 26}

But the Goreans have a saying, which came to me in the darkness, in the hall, “Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live; they cannot tell you; they do not have tongues; do not ask the wise man how to live, for, if he knows, he will know he cannot tell you; if you would learn how to live, do not ask the question; its answer is not in the question but in the answer, which is not in words; do not ask how to live, but, instead, proceed to do so.”  ~ {Marauders of Gor - 9}

"Invisible chains are those which weigh the most heavily."
~ Tribesmen of Gor

"Be strong and do as you will . The swords of others will set you your limits." ~ Tribesmen of Gor

"A leashed slave is a hot slave." ~ Fighting Slave of Gor

"To share the kettle of a friend," I said, "is to dine with a Ubar."
~ Blood Brothers of Gor

"It is said that he whose lips have never touched those of a slave girl does not know, truly, what it is to hold a woman in his arms." ~ Beasts of Gor

"Good land is protected only by the swords of the strongest owners in the vicinity." ~ Tarnsman of Gor

In the end, few things are real, perhaps the weight and glitter of gold, the movement and nature of weapons, a slave at one's feet, and too, perhaps, in spite of all, if we will have it so, defiance, honour, responsibility, courage, discipline, such things, such baubles, such treasures. ~ Magicians of Gor

It is hard for a man to be great who does not have great enemies. ~ Magicians of Gor, page 183

Let those who can climb mountains climb them; let those who cannot climb them console themselves with denying their existence. ~ Rogue of Gor

           Forms of Address

"Thank you, Warrior," I said, and turned back to the city.
~ Outlaw of Gor

"Proprietor!" I cried, pounding on the table with my spear.
"Yes, Warrior," cried he. ~ Outlaw of Gor

"Welcome, Killer," said the man, addressing the Assassin by what, for that caste, is a title of respect. ~ Assassin of Gor

"And that Ahn," I said, "is to be made up in extra work in the evening." "Yes Captain," said the kitchen master. ~ Raiders of Gor

I strode to the stern castle of the Dorna. "Greetings, Oar-master," said I.  "Greetings, Captain," said be. ~ Raiders of Gor


"Will the Lady Tina of Lydius deign to face me?" asked the judge, using the courteous tones and terminology with which Gorean free women, often inordinately honored, are addressed.
~ Hunters of Gor

"Finish with her," said the Lady Elicia, rising, angrily, from the curule chair. "And when you are done with her see that she is cleaned and groomed, and presented to me in a fresh tunic."
"Yes, Lady," said Tellius. ~ Slave Girl of Gor

"My thanks, Lady Teela," said Turbus Veminius, proprietor of the shop, accepting coins and handing to a robed woman a tiny vial of perfume. ~ Fighting Slave of Gor


“If you should attempt to do that again, my dear,” said the praetor, “your ankles will be tied, and you will hear the rest of the proceedings while lying on your belly before the tribunal.”
“Yes, Officer,” she said. ~ Explorers of Gor

She looked into my eyes for a long time. And then, as Thorn and the warrior picked up the litter with their wounded companion and began to depart, she said to me, "Goodbye, Tarl of Ko-ro-ba."  "I wish you well, Vera of the Towers of the Morning," I said. ~ Outlaw of Gor

He regarded her. She shuddered. Her Home Stone was not that of Lara, times were troubled,, and Strobius was master in his own inn. Too, she had for a time owed him money. Would he like to see her stripped and collared?  "Please kind Sir," she said. Gorean men are sometimes slow to release their grip on the bodies of females. They enjoy holding them. They are men.
"Of course, Lady," said Strobius smiling, again bowing. He then signaled the fellow to release the woman, which he did. She then drew back angrily and smoothed down her garments. Then straightening herself, she cam regally to where I stood.  "My thanks, Sir," she said looking up at me. ~ Rogue of Gor

           Slave Dances

"The Gorean dancer is expected, usually, to sayisfy the passions she arouses." ~ Players of Gor

"The dancing of the female before the male, that she be found pleasing and he be pleased, is one of the most profound lessons in all of human biology. Others are when she kneels before him, when she kisses his feet, when she performs obeisance, when she knows herself subject, truly, to his whip."
~ Dancer of Gor

"I moved, warming up, preparing my muscles. I was intent, and careful. A dancer, of course, does not simply begin to dance. That can be dangerous. She warms up. It is like an athlete warming up, I suppose. As I warmed up, I could hear the jewelry on me, the tiny sounds of the skirt. Bells, too, marked these movements. I was belled. These I had fastened, in three lines, they fastened on a single thong, about my left ankle. Men, I sensed, somehow, would relish an ornamented woman, perhaps even one who was shamefully belled." ~ Dancer of Gor

"On Gor, dance of the sort in which I was expected to perform, is called, simply, 'slave dance.' That is presumably because it is a form of dance which, for the most part, is thought to be fit only for slaves, and would be performed only by slaves. The thought crossed my mind that the lovely woman who had been my teacher on Earth had once remarked to me, 'We are all slaves.' I think that is true." ~ Dancer of Gor

"The dancing of a slave is a thousand times more sensuous than that of a free woman because of the incredible meanings involved, the additional richness which this furnishes, the explosive significance of this comprehension, that she who dances is owned, and theoretically, could be owned by you."
~ Dancer of Gor

"It is good for them to get the practice, hearing and seeing men respond to them. That is the way to learn what truly pleases men. In the end, I say, it is men who teach women to dance."
~ Assassin of Gor

At a signal from Ibn Saran, Alyena drew the veil about her body, and around it, and, with one small hand, threw it aside. She stood boldly before him, arms lifted, head to the side, right leg flexed. The veil, floating, wafted away, a dozen feet from her, and gently, ever so gently, settled to the tiles. Then, to the new melodic line, she danced...  ~ Tribesmen of Gor

Alyena now to a swirl of music spun before us, swept helpless with it, bangles clashing, to its climax. ~ Tribesmen of Gor

I turned away and gave my attention to the slave writhing on the tiles before us. She was performing a need dance, of a type not uncommon among Gorean female slaves. ~ Rogue of Gor

The Sa-eela is one of the most moving, deeply rhythmic and erotic of the slaves dances of Gor. It belongs, generally to the genre of dances commonly known as the Lure Dances of the Love-Starved Slave Girl. The common theme of the genre, of course, is the attempt on the part of a neglected slave to call herself to the attention of the master ~ Excerpts from Guardsman of Gor


The white silk / red silk debate has been going on for years. Here we clearly see that the term "white silk" means nothing more than virgin.   It does not mean a kajira is "in training".

"`I am a virgin,' she said. `You are white-silk,' I said. `Please do not use that vulgar expression of me,' she begged. `Do not fear,' I said, `it will soon be inappropriate.'" ~ Page 120 - Beasts of Gor
"Any girl on the ship, incidentally, unless she is certified "white silk", a virgin, is free to the sailors for their sport. There were no "white silk" girls on board; we were all "red silk". This was not unusual. There are few virgin slaves. Their virginity usually does not last more than a Ahn beyond their first sale." ~ Page 317 - Slave Girl of Gor